Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man

Steve Harvey has a new book entitled, " Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man". I have not read the book but I agree with the title. I have always thought like a guy in my relationships. Which in turn had me attracting needy, highly emotional men! Ewwww! I was the type that didn't want to talk to you on the phone after I just spent the whole day with you. Sometimes I wanted to pay for my own meal so that he wouldn't think more of the date than what it really was, a date! I didn't like hearing that I was the "marrying type" or hearing them say they told their mom about me and it had only been 3 months! I think the thing that attracted me to my husband was that he too was a challenge. He didn't drop everything for me at the beginning. He didn't cancel plans for me at the beginning, I didn't meet his mom at the beginning. When we dated, that is what it was, dating. Once we established we are doing more than "going out and having a good time", those other things were fine. I have developed a few questions that I think woman have, but I answered it the way I feel a man would. This is my perspective on how I think they think. Fellas correct me if I'm wrong.

1, How come men don't like to cuddle after sex?
I think some do, but they get hot from the performance and can't take it after the exhaustion. If you are their woman and time is on his side he would cuddle. It's those that are not into you or treat you like a "piece" that's not into cuddling.

2, How soon is too soon to be intimate? So he doesn't see me as slutty.
The first night or within the first week chances are his perception of you will change if it happens within that time frame. Get to know him, waiting long enough to know his character will let him know that you are not his quick fix and it will send the message that you want more.

3, What attracts guys to a woman?
Hygiene and taking care of yourself. Your nails don't have to be long and painted red, just neat and even. Soft nice feet, hands, hair and skin. Just like woman judge men on their shoes, a man also loves a great heel on a woman.

4, What is sexy to a guy?
Sexy is not in what you wear. It is what you exude. You can be sexy with your hair in a ponytail and workout gear on. If a woman knows she's sexy, a man will know it too.

5, What scares off a man?
Clinginess, talks of marriage and hopes for children shared on the first date, flirting with everyone not just him, parties too much.

6, What turns a man off?
Nagging, bad hygiene, a nasty unkept woman (her and her home), slutty dresser, slutty demeanor, wild, and a drunk.

7, Will telling a man what I want scare him off?
Yes, if it is done too soon. But it is needed and appreciated so that you won't waste his time or yours. Once you feel he is interesting enough to want to pursue (usually during the dating/courting phase) ask his short and long term goals. If you don't like where he's headed, cut it off before it goes to far.

8, Why are men afraid/intimidated by an in dependant woman?
I dont feel that all are afraid/intimidated, only those who are not strong and secure with a strong woman or insecure with themselves feel that way. I think every man wants to feel needed. The new age "independent woman'' has now taken over the relationship. It's not the paying of bills, being head strong, or handling business that they don't like. It's the fact that the "independent woman" is wearing the pants in the relationship. She doesn't consult with him before making huge decisions, she doesn't include him or ask his opinion. She also makes it clear that she "don't need him", and that's what they don't like.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sounds like something i wrote a while back

CareyCarey said...

** Man on the floor **

Well, I too have not read Steve Harvey's book and do not plan to. I will say you've hit the mark on a few yet missed on others.

It would be interesting to see which ones you think we would disagree on ...interesting ...huh

I doubt if a women can ever think like a man.

It's nice meeting you.

Tia's Real Talk said...

What up Carey. Thank you for stoppin thru and leaving your mark. I appreciate that.
While I don't believe any two minds are alike, I do believe one gender can think like the other.

Through some questions my way to see if great minds think alike.

It was nice meeting you as well.

CareyCarey said...

Okay tia, I am game ...how do you want to do this? This might be a great thang! A women "thinks" she knows men ...and a man "thinks" he knows women. Well Well Well, it would interesting to see if a women can really move away from "protecting" women. Will she really think like a man or think like a woman that wants to believe a man should act a certain way? But check game: I am going to write a post to night and drop it after I get done.

It's only fair that you "know" who you're talking to. Not that it will make any difference in the way I feel but you'll see.

Here is my e-mail address. Carey.m@mchsi.com

CareyCarey said...

Okay ....it's up.

James Tubman said...

i never watch oprah but i saw steve harvey on their and i was wondering what he was on their for so i stopped by

i think books like this are apart of the what i call the societal mascualation of women

which means that women are being forced to act like men because the men, for the most part, are not allowed to be real men in this society

certainly a woman is capable of doing many of the things that men do

but many of them dont want to now

they have to

and for the record miss tia

many men dont like so called independent women because they think they are better than men

its not that we are intimidated by these creatures

its because nobody wants to be around a person where they can never measure up to their expectations

women are more bitter and hostile than ever in our society

why would you want to approach someone like that