Monday, March 2, 2009

25 Random things about ME...Shhhh..don't tell anyone!

1, I was in labor for 1 hr with my first born.

2, Granny had 16 kids.

3, I clubbed 2 hard years and now its out of my system, I hate it.

4, I'm a loner

5, I'm an observer.

6, I don't like to get personal

7, I don't care to make new friends, I'm fine with the ones I have. (is that bad?)

8, I prefer hanging with guys over girls.

9, My first best friend was a boy.

10, I had 2 committed relationships, the others were too smothering.

11, I realized I am spoiled but I was born this way. lol

12, My cousin, sister and I were chased on foot by some men in a van!

13, I found my childhood chicago friend on facebook and now she's in ga too!

14, I love to play pool.

15, I dated my grammar school teacher's son and didnt know it. We were childhood friends.

16, His wife has no clue we dated. (we weren't serious so it's cool I guess)

17, I did some singing in chicago.

18, I dated my cousin's crush and didn't know it.

19, My ga friends and chicago friends knew each other. Small world.

20, I clubbed at E2 right before the E2 night club tragedy. (youtube it!)

21, I'm in the process of getting my first home built, hopefully it all goes well.

22, My husband's cousin and my cousins were friends before we even met. (another small world)

23, I lived in cali and don't plan on going back.

24, I dislike show offs.

25, I hate cooking. Probably because I was forced to do so by a few family members at a young age.


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Hey Stranger. Thanks so much for the visit. I needed that!
I'm #4 & 5
I use to be #7 until I started blogging.
#13 I just joined and I'm addicted big time...
#21 I'm putting on my prayer list at church. Congrats in advance!
Let me know when it's final and I'll send you a housewarming gift!

Love, peace and blessings!

Tia's Real Talk said...

Awww thanks! I have been feeling differently about #7 myself. I did this random thing some weeks ago and I might have had a change of heart on that one. I am suppose to close on March 13..hope all still goes according to the plans. I wont know for sure until I get the I'll let you know. lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

granny put it down
have a great weekend folk