Friday, January 23, 2009

Tru Sista?

Am I less of a sister because I'm light?

You think because I blend in a little better

everything for me is alright?

I might not look like you

not dark enough to be black

or hood enough as a matter of fact

but "they" know I'm not one of them

So where do I stand?

You might be hated by the white man

but I'm hated by you

My sista

the one who shares my pain

I thought the field and house negro

was all in the past

After just celebrating MLK day

we are still far from free at last

Just remember, I am no less of a sista

just because I am bright

I am fighting the same struggle,

fighting the same fight

the only difference is

my skin happens to be light

But, I am STILL a SISTA!



Absolutely beautiful!!

Tia's Real Talk said...

Thanks Lisa! I tried not to be offensive but still speak truth.

James Tubman said...

youz a fiiiiiiiiine sista too tia

you are beautiful in so many ways other than your looks

you are a great person

you really give black women a good name

its hard for me to hold those opinions that i have of black women whenever i am over here

you always catch me off guard lol

Tia's Real Talk said...

James- lol..thanks. Im glad that I'm appreciated!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


Blinders Off said...

You were not offensive and you spoke the truth when it comes to some of our sistas