Thursday, October 21, 2010


Ok this disturbs me!! Not only the kids but why did the photographer even take this pic!! Why did he let it get out! Many would whoop their behinds, but that is not the only key. This isn't just learned behavior from seeing a rated R flick, this is a performed behavior. When teens are over sexed at 15, something happened at 12!! Don't get me wrong, I blame the media too, but we know this did not come from it alone. Parents, close your door, check out your new boyfriend that is taking your 4yr lil girl to the restroom!! Be more observant. We know children will experiment. They are exploring their bodies, things are happening to it that they don't understand. Talk to them before their friends and t.v does. I have an 8yr old and this pic makes me wonder should I have talked to him at 5?? Parents this is not acceptable! Stop letting the tv raise your kids! Promote school, career, marriage then kids! Give them love, because if you don't they will get it from someone else! Tell them sex is for married couples. Tell them. I promise they are listening. Example, my son could not understand how me and my brother have different fathers but my mom only married one! For a while he actually thought kids only came from married people. Great way to think but its not true. I had to destroy that utopia with the truth...every parents nightmare!!!


Anonymous said...

My stomach turned to see this...

I wanted to let you know I changed my blog URL:

(from the former realtalk123)

Moanerplicity said...

Wow! That's just WRONG on so many levels! Amazing that, at first glance, this seemed almost cute, but quickly shifted into something disturbing & downright HORRIFYING!

I want to know who the photographer is! He or she needs to be brought up on charges of child pornography or at the very least: contributing to the sexual objectification of children!



Tia's Real Talk said...

I know it's sad!! Even if the photog was an innocent bystander that happened to see it happening..he is WRONG for taking the pics and sharing it!!!!! Or this could be movie and intentional..doesnt you said.."wrong on so many levels"!!