Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What MLM gives away $1 MILL!!

1,000,000 reasons to take a serious look at an opportunity that WILL change your life. Many are in need of a plan B or an EXIT strategy. Why continue working for "him" and make "him" rich? Saving money does not make you rich, punching someone's time clock does NOT make you rich. Working from dark:30am to dark:30 pm does NOT make you rich. I was tired of not raising the kids that I gave birth to, and tired of my husband and I being like ships passing in the night!!! I NEEDED A CHANGE! I was ready to spend my time how I wanted to!!
How did Donald Trump, Sam Walton, Bill Gates and other Billionaires make their money? Not by punching a time clock but by I.E.O.P. (Incorporating the Efforts of Other People).


YOU x 40hrs x 2jobs = BROKE
Sam Walton x 40hr x 5,000 stores = RICH

YOU HAVE TO I.E.O.P!! Change your life and the lives of your family and friends.

2500-5,000 monthly CASH PRIZE!!
25k, 50k, 1 million cash prize in Nov!!

There is no such thing as an over night get rich plan. Investing your time, invest your health and change your life!!!

Find our why thousands of others Evolv'd in only 8months!


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