Monday, April 5, 2010

Why do most lie?

What prompts most to lie? Or better yet, why do you lie? If you say you have never lied, you are lying right there. lol

If you say you no longer lie, that I can believe.

When I am lied to I feel very hurt and betrayed. I take a lot of mess off of people. I am very laid back, calm, non-judgemental and very comforting to those who need me. So I could never understand why someone would ever feel the need to lie to me? Why?

I do not blow up, I do not have anger or attitude issues, so why can't I be told the truth? You can't possibly say you would be afraid of my reaction to the truth.


I can't handle a lie. My hubby made a good point, he said people might lie to me because they are trying to protect my feelings or they don't want me to see them in a bad light if I knew the truth.

I understand but there is still no reason for it.

Do you want to come clean about a lie, you've told?

Why do you lie?
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CareyCarey said...

Hello Tia Ooo Weeeah,

You know I am always waiting for your posts. Yep, you remain on my blogroll.

Today your post was very similar to one I did. I asked some of the exact questions. When I did so, many people responded/commented.

Check it out and see if it agrees with your thinking. Well, I agree with you.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Hey my friend Carey!! It's been a minute. We always tend to speak on the same things around the same time. Guess you can call it great minds thinking alike!! I will check you out!!! Hope you are well~~

CareyCarey said...

Yeah, we be like that. But, it's an older post, so watch were you're stepping. It gets a little slippery over there.

Hey, btw, that snapvine thing went under. did you use yours very much. I couldn't really find a use for it. People are funny about putting their voice on record. But not you. You are a born presenter. ain't no shame in you, if your speaking the truth. And, as we know, some individuals run from the truth.

Don said...

I cannot really speak for other people but I lie when I do not want to hurt the feelings of others OR when I am just trying to move on from or out the way of a situation. And, of course, when I am present and trying to help others avoid situations that I feel are not worth it i.e. altercations, implications, etc.

Do I want to come clean about a lie I have told? Not really.

What's done in the dark will eventually come to the light anyway, I hear.

I will say this - it's not wise to lie 'cause one lie leads to another then another then another. It's just not healthy.

Tia's Real Talk said...

@ Don you are sooo right!! Lying is not needed and it is unhealthy! And I want people to say how they feel if its the truth. Of course be respectful but never let anyone stand in the way of you being you. Long as it is's fine. (note to Don)

Mizrepresent said...

People lie for many different reasons, but i think the most "dangerous lie" is the one told to inflict pain. The slanderous lie will always beckon for forgiveness.