Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What if.........?

My cousin and I use to play "what if?" when we were little. It's just like "hypothetically speaking" that some MIA blogger posts periodically. I have a short "what if" that I would like your opinion on. This is for the guys and girls.

What if you were happy and in love. For the first time you have contemplated kids and marriage! For the first time your lover is actually your best friend!

Tragedy strikes when you find out that your man is sick and in need of a kidney transplant and only have months to live. Dialysis is not working and he is still taking a turn for the worse. The only option is a transplant. All hope seems to be gone when you find out that the donor list is a yr long until you decided to get tested.

The doctor comes in to your man's hospital room and tells you that he has the results of the test. You and your guy are anticipating the results. The doctor sits beside your fiance' and says that you are a match. You drop to the floor in tears. Finally, you all can be a happy family!

The doctor doesn't seem to be sharing in your joy. He looks up at you and tells you you are 6weeks pregnant and you can not be a donor.

What do you do? You are ready to save the life of your future husband but he wants you to keep the baby.

Ladies would you term your pregnancy for your one true love? Fellas would you want your life to be spared or the life of your child's?


Real Talk said...

too deep of a question...nobody could even answer it. lol

i'm still stuck myself. i know the answer i'm leaning towards, but i'm still not so sure

James Tubman said...

that is a tough question

extreemly tough

i know for a fact that i can get their kidneys working properly within a months time because i know about natural remeies but i dont know what i would do if i didnt know how to do this

of course im not a woman so i cant answer this question

i guess i would sacrfice the child and treasure its memory everyday for the rest of our lives

everyday we would have some ritual where we paid respect to the child for their sacrifice

it would be tough but you can always have another child

at least this child went out for a greater purpose

i dont think my spouse would waste their lives knowing the sacrifice that their fiance and child took to save their lives

and if they did waist their lives that would be sad

Tia's Real Talk said...

@ james - would you be upset if you found out that your fiancee aborted so that she could donate her kidney to you? Email me the remedy for kidney failure..it is needed!

James Tubman said...

i would be deeply upset because i know what to do about it

if i didn i would just be sad

im a very understanding when i need to be

but that would be sad indeed

i would cry like a child

Don said...

i be that MIA blogger that you are speaking of...lol

good post and hypothetical, damn good. what would i do? i'd have to save my child's life, even if it meant giving my own life in return.