Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Watch the company you keep.

Not everyone you encounter is your friend. Even if someone does something nice for you, that does not mean that they have your best interest at heart. You can't teach, reach, lead everyone. There will be a few that you will just have to keep in prayer and pray that they come to the truth. In saying that, please don't entertain foolishness. Just because it's not a sin doesn't mean it's good for you. There is a thing called a weight, weights bring you down. Remember that God can use you to bless anyone and He can also use them to bless you. Like I say in my email signature, "If you walk away feeling you've learned absolutely nothing, know that you've taught someone something!" That simply means not all lessons are for you. God can give you something that is sooo small to you but mean the world to someone else. He brings people in our path for us to teach and learn from, just as He does for others. So don't think that you are to reach everyone. He reaches them, you just do your duty and spread the good news and stay away from the weights and wrong doers. Two people on opposite sides of the fence can not share the same space for long and still have opposing views. At some point one will rub off on the other. If it is meant for you to entertain foolishness, GOD will call you to do so. He must call us to do certain things otherwise we will fall into the traps of satan. Only a few can go to the clubs to find and save souls, only a few can stand and preach the gospel on the corner, only a few can do missionary work in Iraq. We cannot choose ourselves. Let Him lead you. He will tell you if you should play with dirt, otherwise it will only get into your eyes.


James Tubman said...

i dont normally say this about bloggers but you are deep my sister

that is a comlplement coming from me

you are right

my problem is i dont know when to stop trting to convert people

this often leads me to have relationships with the wrong the people

people who will take your kindness for weakness

i have such a bleeding heart for humanity sometimes it keeps me from focusing on my own issues

i need to that inner voice inside of me more which is really GOD speaking to me trying to direct down the right path

we've been taught for so long to deny and neglect that voice

but in my opinion that is our only salvation

James Tubman said...

hey tia

i wrote something nice about you at my site

check it out sista

Tia's Real Talk said...

Wow thanks James!!! I am sooooooooooooo honored. Be sure to see my appreciation as well!