Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ever sit and wonder why you didn't get that job, that car, that man? Nothing is by coincidence if you are a faith believer. While we know God doesn't make everything happen, we do have to take responsibility for our own actions, He still allows things. And it is all for a reason. Many times that job, that car, that man are blocking us from our blessings. Something more, something far more greater, or sometimes just a lesson that is to be learned. Maybe we aren't old enough, mature enough or simply, not where we are suppose to be in our lives. We might not be able to handle what comes with that job, car, or man. Or also simply put, just for God's glory. Would you thank Him and praise Him like you should if He blessed you with that job, car or man? Aren't you more responsible, grateful and thankful today than you were a few years ago? Wouldn't you say you are more blessed now than you were a few years ago? Of course you are. And not by wordly things but just by being alive one more day. God knew you were more capable of handling the things you have now oppose to a few years ago. We are where we are suppose to be for a reason. Even the people that are in our lives are for a reason. And like I always say, IF YOU WALK AWAY FEELING YOU'VE LEARNED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, KNOW THAT YOU'VE TAUGHT SOMEONE SOMETHING! Not all things are for your benefit. Sometimes it is just for someone else.


Don said...

Wouldn't you say you are more blessed now than you were a few years ago? Of course you are. And not by wordly things but just by being alive one more day.

Words of wisdom right here. And I agree, some things are for the other person's benefit.

Solid message.

Anonymous said...

You all are so right-but I know sometimes in life we may question...why is this happening to me...why didn't I get or have...but like you said it is all working for your good. Also know that when you pray and it seems like God isn't answering that prayer-it may be delayed, not denied. (I recently heard someone say that) When you question where God is or why your funds are low and your bills are high, your car note and rent is due but your check is little, when your heart is broken or weary, when it seems like whatever you try to do it is a road block is stopping you...just look over your life and know that God brought you this far. Think about another low time in your life and how He brought you over. Think about when you cried all night until you thought you couldn't cry anymore, however in the morning...that's a shouting moment right made it another day (each day is a new day-new mercy & grace)yesterday is gone and God blessd you to rest and enabled you to carry on. Then He delivered you and He keeps on blessing dispite of you (us) So hold on to your trails and tribulation and use that as evidence of how good God is. Look back time to time over your life just to see how far He has brought you, so when a storm does arise you can say "I look to the hills from where my help comes from" "God said He will never leave nor forsake me" I serve a God who said His word wil not return void.

I don't know where all this came from but I hope it bless and encourge you-For all those who are going thru, know you are not alone and look back and see how far he has brough you-praise Him in the mist because you know He brought you carried you then and He is going to take you even further this time.