Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As you all are well aware, I have been promoting life, health and prosperity. When I was diagnosed with MS I went on the search to find something. Well, I found it! The 90 day body by Vi Challenge has helped me with my health, my friends and family health and weight, and the wealth of many! It's been soooo helpful I decided to not only take on the CHALLENGE but promote it also, and as a result, I qualified for my free BMW in front of 13,000 people in Kansas City MO.!!! 'I TOLD U SO'!!

We 'TOLD U SO'!!!!!!!!!!

Not much to say! The pics speak for it's self!!!

City streets for blocks were shut down and used as VIP parking for OUR BMW's!!

BMW's filled the streets!!!

My view from the escalators!!

Me and my ViDoll/teammate and close friend Shonda!

Nope....not photoshop!! Our swiper made it to time square!

We are crazy about our company!!!!!!!!!!

We will be in Miami July 13-15 and there is no space to accommodate us...so guess where we will be!??!!?!?!?!?!

Also, we will be performing a flash mob in a city near you April 21st at 3pm est. Wanna be apart of History!?!?! See "Carlton Banks" and the flash mob shock us by performing a flash mob routine out of no where in KC!!! By the way...Alphonso is one of many celebs who have taken on the CHALLENGE!!!


A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Good morning and CONGRATULATIONS!
God is amazing and able. What we do in our own strength is of little significance compared to HIS mighty power!

You look great and I'm so happy for you. Angie and I talked of you recently and w/laughter. She is so happy to have met you and so am I.

I feel your energy from this post and since we last spoke, I've made some positive changes regarding my health. I'm not sluggish and fatigued and my eating out has come to a halt.

I feel awesome and looking for to sustaining a healthier me. After all, aren't we WORTH it?

Love for a great day and GOOD LUCK on driving that car off the lot!


James Tubman said...


A Project for Teen Mums said...

Continue with your amazing work!
Visit our new blog!
Don't be afraid to comment and share!
Love you <3