Sunday, September 25, 2011

Looking Back


The doctors told me I had MS on my brothers birthday. March 6, 2006. At the beginning it was terrible! The tests, were awful. Spinal taps where they go into your back to get fluid. Risky and painful healing.

Faith is what keeps me going and gets me through. I feel the best now then I ever did. In 2000 right after I got married and had my son I lost central vision in one of my eyes. I had peripheral vision in that eye but not central. I thought it was stress at that time and the doctors associated it with my migraines that would happen over the same eye. It happened again years later after my second son. That's when I knew something was wrong. Then I started getting blurred vision and my fingers and toes were numb. Couldn't feel anything. Could grasp anything. My scenes of touch was heightened. A hair brush felt like needles! My leg gave out on me at work and I almost hit the floor. It had attacked my muscles. I had to walk with my knee locked and not bend it because my knee was not strong enough to push off on. I went though a major transformation spiritually and I can say I have NEVER had that issue again. I had to stop working because I could not type!! Now I'm back to 48 wpm so GOD is good! I still have blurred vision if I'm stressed and numbness in my feet but that's it. I will tell anyone and everyone about my story because it is not for me. My story/testimony is for someone Else!!!!!

All if this is my past, my present is great and my future is brighter!! God is my healer and master physician!! I am brand new threw HIM


Sept. 25, 2011

Reading this is sooo amazing! He was healing me then, but it didnt stop there. My typing and vision is back and I'm just as fast/accurate as I was before, if not more! I have not had an issue of numbness since this post. I have to reflect on where I've been so that I can see where GOD has brought me!!


25champ said...

God is so good isn't..its ironic that u found out about ur ms on my father's bday and posted this on my bday...anyways u have come along way and your story speaks volumes...check out

Tia's Real Talk said...

Wow..and thats my brother's birthday! Happy birthday champ!!! What did you do?? Hope you had all those you love around you! Hey...I thought you had dreads?? I'm headed over to your post now.

25champ said...

I didn't do much just spend day wit my girls..that was gud mother bday was I put her on plane to Indianapolis to spend bday wit her sis who bday is 2marr. Yes I did have dreads I did cut them lls

Tia's Real Talk said...

The link wouldnt work for me for some reason. Which blog is it under and whats the date..I'll search for it. WOW!! Everyone's bday is right together!!!!! lol

25champ said...

Newy said...

God is so AWESOME! There is no Testimony without a TEST. Sometimes the only way someone will see God is through you.

As I look back over my life...and think things over...I can truly say...that I've been Blessed...I have a Testimony!!! ~ Lyrics from Testimony

Tia's Real Talk said...

Thanks for stopping by Newy!!! God is AWESOME and HIS light should always shine through us! People should see the GOD in us!! Thanks for coming and come again!!

A Free Spirit Butterfly said...

Love your photo and the testimony of the woman in front of the lens.

Last night the sermon was about our walk with God and what we do not ask for.

The question was, "Are you a boring Christian or are you Rocking the House." Your post says it all!


Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have been busy with lots of Bible Study and also promoting my first book. The response caught me off guard. The people who have chosen a poem from the book That spoke to their spirit have been turned my quiet little life into a new transformation all it's own.

It can only be GOD! I truly believe it's because all the proceeds are going to the homeless.

When you get a chance, I'd love it and greatly appreciate it if you purchased a copy. It's on line and you can see the cover on my blog to the right.

Love and many, many blessings to you, sweet friend.