Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Justin's Born Day!

My babies (Morgan 2, Justin the birthday boy 6, and Tyler 11)

Justin is by far a comedian!! Over the years he has said some things that have stuck with me, I had to share them before I start to forget! I hope you enjoyed his lil comments as I ALWAYS do! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!!! MOMMY LOVES YOU!!!!

1, "Oh snap grandma!!! We can't get up!" - Justin age 3, he and his grandma were on an air mattress.
2, "Hey mommy, here's the thing for your muscles. Yours are sooo much bigger than daddies". - Justin age 3, bringing me my bra!! smh
3, "I'm going to be quiet now, I'm talking away all my fresh breath". - Justin age 5, after brushing his teeth.
4, "Mommy is it today or tomorrow?" - Justin age 5, after hearing me tell him, "you can play the wii tomorrow". smh...again. lol
5, "Mommy you are out of your twenties?? I thought when you get out of your twenties you die!" - Justin age 5, 2 weeks ago!
6, I asked Justin on the first day of school if he made any friends. And his comment to me, which is my favorite is.........." It's too early, I haven't decided on who I'm going to pick yet".

That comment made me realize that way tooo often we let our friends chose us, when we are supposed to chose them! From the mouth of a babe! Love you Justin!


25champ said...

Kids u know they don't fall 2 far from the tree. May Justin have a blessed Bday. Thanks 4 sharing!

Mizrepresent said...

I loved them all, but this was my favorite:

"Hey mommy, here's the thing for your muscles. Yours are sooo much bigger than daddies". - Justin age 3, bringing me my bra!! smh

lol, this was great and hilarious! Give Justin a birthday hug for me...and what a wonderful birthday to the parents as well.

Tia's Real Talk said...

@ Champ, what exactly are you trying to say? lol
@ Miz, it's my fault...he asked one day when he was little what they were (pointing to them). He didn't understand what the TRUE definition was but he understood muscles. So I told him those are mommies muscles. Not knowing he would remember and say it all the time. He asked if he could feel my muscles!! lol

Blinders Off said...

Awww...I miss those days of my girls. You never knew what would come out of their mouth. Enjoy every moment because with a blink of an eye they are adults. However, I do enjoy my girls as adults too...

Happy Belated BD to Justin

James Tubman said...

thats adorable

unfoirtunately we liveina society where children are constantly perceived as a burden

but they are really are blessings though

sometimes you have to have them first in order to realize it