Friday, August 6, 2010

A "SENIOR" moment!

At the ripe age of 26 I had my first "senior" moment. I felt life was quickly passing me by and I hadn't done not one thing that I "truly" wanted to do. During this "senior" moment, I started remembering all that I wanted to do and the ages I had set to do them. I had a goal for the age of 26, I felt good knowing I had some more time to achieve it. Then I had an epiphany, " old am I?" I started to panic. OMG I could NOT remember if I were 25 or 26!! I had to remember how old my cousin was to figure out my age! Sad I know! Maybe it was stress! lol. But gets worse! That same cousin/bff is worse than I am!! I called to tell her that I didn't know her brother-in-law had recently turned 36 (according to his FB page). She told me "he ain't no 36!!". I was like "oh, maybe it's a typo". She said "cause Carl (her hubby and his brother) will be 31 this year." I started getting confused thinking. I know I'm not older than Carl. I just turned 31 in July..he has to be 31 now..close to 32. There was a period of silence due to my confusion. Then she says.."wait, cause I will be 31 this year so.....". I had to stop her right there. I said "cuz, you will be 32 in Dec." She was like, "What!!!!!!! I'm 31?" "uhh yes girl you are 31" I told her. She was like.."oh dag maybe he is 36 then!"

WE LAUGHED OUR HEADS OFF!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully that will be our last senior moment til...uhh..say about..when we hit our seniors!!!

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Moanerplicity said...

LOL. Yup, that's a lil weird, Tia. But you're not alone w/ the senior moments, tho. I completely mix up my actual factual age w/ the age I was a year prior. Seems like once you finally get accustomed to saying your age, it changes & you're back to being confused. LOL.

So, join the club!

Somehow, I don't think you're ready for full-fledged geezerdom just yet!