Sunday, December 20, 2009

He's Not that into You!!

So I've finally seen the movie, "He's Not that into You" and it really had me thinking. I have listed a few of the myths below that the movie spoke of. I am asking the men and women, what do you think? Does it ring any truth to you?

1, If he gives you his number instead of taking yours, he's not into you.

I would kind of agree with this. This means he has no intentions on calling you. But there's exceptions to every rule.

2, If he says he will call you back but doesn't, he's not into you.

To me, this one is tricky. If he fails to call you back often then I would agree, he's not into you. But I wouldn't say that if he forgot once or twice that it meant he didn't like you, maybe he's just "busy". lol

3, A man that tells you he's not into marriage and he doesn't need a piece of paper to tell you he loves you, is not into you. Do men really think this way?

I agree. I feel that when that man finds the right one, he will race to make her his. If he dates you for 10yrs, my guess is he doesn't plan to marry you.


Don said...
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Don said...
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