Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What would you say?

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James Tubman said...


holy moly i cant even imagine how a mother would feel after finding that out

this is something i dont have the solution to unfortunately

you know last week i was reading an article that said in great britain thy are going to teach the kindergardeners about sexual issues

i swear to god

they are only going to teach them to be aware of the differences between them and the other sex i think

i do think its a good thing for you to lay down the law now though and tell him what he should not do

but also let him know that its perfectly okay to have these feelings

just let him know what the outcomes might be if he engages in this behavior

and im sorry sweetheart he could have gotten that from anywhere

kids grow up so fast now a days

it might not have been from the school system

Tia's Real Talk said...

james- I was only kiddin about the school system. I blame alot of things on CPS Chicago public School system..lol..the worst part is, I know he didnt hear that from anyone..thats his personal truth. I see the way he looks at movie stars..they zoomed in on sareens butt and his eyes got big..i know I must be truthful and honest..thanks James.

Anonymous said...

i'm so scared for my son!! i'm not ready for that. i would send him right to his dad for that talk. lol

Anonymous said...

9 though.....take it easy....and you will work it out!!